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Exterior detailing with buff and poilish


Exterior Detailing Including Cut and Polish Starting at $280

Transform your vehicle’s appearance with our comprehensive Exterior Detailing with Cut and Polish service. Designed to provide the highest quality mobile car detailing, this service focuses on revitalizing your car’s exterior, removing imperfections, and enhancing its shine.

Exterior Detailing with Cut and Polish Includes:

  • Complete Exterior Car Wash: Thorough washing to remove dirt, grime, and contaminants from your car’s surface.

  • Chamois Dry: Gentle chamois drying to ensure a streak-free finish.

  • Bug and Tar Removal: Effective elimination of bugs, tar, and other stubborn residues to restore a clean surface.

  • Cut and Polish Treatment: Advanced cut and polish technique to remove scratches, swirls, and oxidation, restoring your car’s paint to a flawless finish.

  • Clay Bar Treatment: Clay bar application to remove embedded contaminants and provide a smooth, clean surface.

  • High-Quality Wax Application: Hand-applied high-quality wax to protect the paint and enhance the shine for months.

  • Tyre and Wheel Cleaning: Detailed cleaning and dressing of tyres and wheels 

Our mobile car detailing service brings these professional treatments directly to your location, offering convenience and top-tier care for your vehicle. Whether you're looking for paint correction, exterior car detailing, or a complete cut and polish service, our skilled team delivers exceptional results every time.

Choose VIP Car Detailing Outerwest for expert mobile car detailing. Our Exterior Detailing with Cut and Polish service is perfect for restoring your car’s appearance and ensuring it looks its best. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and experience the ultimate in car care. Keep your vehicle shining and protected with our premium mobile car detailing services.

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